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The Wahr family welcomes you to Manton, Michigan, where the scenic and peaceful setting is only 1/2 mile away from the Shore to Shore trail system. Wayne & Jennifer Wahr established Wahr Performance Horses in 2006 in response to the growing need in the area.
  Wahr Performance Horses offer:
  •   Evaluation of horse and rider
  •   Training for all level of horses
  •   Lessons
  •   Horse boarding by the month
  •   Showing
  •  Judging

                                                                  Custom brand made by Patrick Smith - PJ Fairier and Blacksmith Services.

The family focus includes daughters Zoe and Grace competing in the area open shows accumulating numerous High Point and Reserve High point awards, NRHA and MRCHA.  Our son Jake who provides support and encouragement at the shows and is our Baseball and Football star in training!

The primary emphasis of the Wahr training program is quality not quantity.  Only a limited number of horses are accepted each season to ensure each horse gets the time it deserves.  When you book your horse for training you can be sure that it's getting worked five to six days a week.  We believe hard work and long hours are what's going to get you to the top.  We are a no frills facility providing each client horse with their own paddock with run-in, heated automatic waterers and a customized feeding program that includes the best quality herbal supplements available.
We are a very family friendly atmosphere.  It is not uncommon to find young riders from pre-school age up to adults who are fulfilling their horsey dreams from their youth.  Jennifer works very hard to make each session fun and informative.  Customized lesson plans are developed according to each riders goals.  Riders are encouraged to haul in their own mounts, if that isn't possible Jennifer has a very talented string of lesson horses available and works with both rider and animal to ensure the best match.    

                                                                                       Ava LaFave (4) and Grover with Sweetie
Jennifer (J1) and Jennifer Smith (J2) putting some finishing touches on a horsemanship pattern - Anna Bays Memorial 2009, Acme, MI.            

Hanging after the show waiting for awards.

Wahr Performance Horses version of The Blue Man Group.
Grace, Zoe, Taylor and Alyssa


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Photos-courtesy of Honor Ridge Photography and Moments by Jeannie
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